Santa Cruz… raw, wild, unspoiled, immense, impetuous, and overwhelming.

The breeze, salty and vigorous.

The foamy waves, wistful and gripping.

The beaches, wide, unique and remote.

The pine forest, solemn and majestic…


Amongst cliffs, pine trees, sand dunes and bare rocks, sprouts Areias do Seixo.






A Magical Place…

... For Unique Moments.


The 15 rooms with SOUL, are a one-way ticket to distant places… Rooms WITHOUT television nor air conditioning refreshed solely by the Atlantic breeze … rather WITH hight showers, white fresh linen, and warm fireplaces.

The Villas and Townhouses, seductive and autonomous, snuggle the Family.

Tranquillity and CHARM… PURE positive energy.

For those who seek, for those who find, for those who rediscover.

To stop, resume, regenerate, redo and repair.

To meditate, reflect, care, and contemplate.

Here, NATURE will be your only company.